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Currently Reading:

Station Eleven

by: Emily St. John Mandel

Monday, April 6, 2015

First Review Live

Please go over to Girl Who Reads and read my first book review on Eviction Notice by Robyn Wyrick by following this link:

Eviction Notice Review

Girl Who Reads is a great website with reviews, meet the author posts, and other topics for anyone interested in books, reading books, reviewing books, etc.

Hope you enjoy my review and if Eviction Notice sparks your interest go buy it please!  I think you'll love it!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

New Hobby for a book lover!

Have you been to Girl Who Reads?   I love finding new books that others have found interesting which is why I started to follow her blog and her Facebook page.

This last week I saw a posting on her Facebook page asking for new book reviewers.  I am a avid reader and love leaving opinions for other people curious about books so I replied that I was interested.

She asked that I submit a review from a book I've read this year so I selected The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon.

Here is my review for that book:

The Bone Season

I have read it twice now. Once last year and once again this year to prepare for the release of the second book The Mime Order.

Anyway, Girl Who Reads, Donna liked my review and I am now set to read and review books a couple times a month!

Check it out: Girl Who Reads - About

When they become available I send out a small post with a link to the website.

What are you reading? What are your suggestions of things for me to read?

Happy Wednesday folks!