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by: Emily St. John Mandel

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Tuna, Noodles, and Peas...

My dad used to make this dish for us any time my mom wasn't home. Mainly because she doesn't like the smell of tuna. It always caused arguments to break out because I hated peas growing up and didn't want them to touch my pasta or tuna sauce. Now as you can see, I like peas. I occasionally throw in a can of peas and carrots with my mac and cheese for some extra veggies (don't we all need more veggies in our diet?)

The other argument that ensued was over plain or ripple chips. Mainly this was between dad and the kids. Us kids loved ripple chips, because let's face it they are stronger than plain chips. Dad liked regular Old Dutch potato chips.

This brings me to my next topic dealing with TN&P (as I am now referring to it). We do NOT use forks for this dish. We use the potato chips as scoops. Or if you are crazy like my dad you crush up the chips and mush them in with the mixture. I find this is not the best idea though if you like more crunch because the chips tend to get mushy and soggy if the tuna white sauce is too runny.

Here I am demonstrating the proper use of the "utensils" for this meal.

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