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by: Emily St. John Mandel

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Challenge - Month of May!

So as I was working on finances with my husband I realized that we had spent too much money this month. Nothing super drastic but it's easy to do if you aren't diligent.

So I started thinking about ways I can help cut back. Particularly I think I spend too much money at the grocery store and then eating out instead of cooking things. So I decided to plan out 31 meals using as much of what I had at home as I could.

Luckily I had just made 8 freezer meals for the crock-pot that have 4 servings a piece. So I was a bit ahead of the game. I added in a few favorites and what we have in our chest freezer!

Then I planned them out so we repeat each meal a second time during the month.  Next was plotting out how to make these meals so they weren't the same meal back to back. I did leave 2 days to have special eating out dinners because 4 of the 5 of us in our house have birthdays this month.

Today is day one. I have Savory Ground beef soup on the menu. It's on the counter thawing so I can get it out of the freezer bag and into the crock-pot.

Lunches are going to be primarily leftovers, salads, and sandwiches with what we have at home.  The goal before Saturday is to finish looking at my meal plan and make a list of what foods we still need to finish the rest of the meals. I'm going to get bulk meats and freeze them for the remaining meals and Produce from my weekly produce Co-op (Bountiful Baskets) to fill the meals and snacks in. I am hoping a side effect of this challenge will be more fruits and veggies eaten and hopefully healthier outlook on life.  I'm also going to keep doing this next month to see how much we can save and change up the meal plan with favorites not on the list yet.

Here goes my adventure! Wish me luck!

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Anonymous said...

Yaay good luck Lissie. You have motivated me to start cooking, or at least trying to cook.