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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Egg Drop Soup & Hoisin Pork over Rice Noodles

So I follow this lady on Facebook who has the website Pinch of Yum.  A day or so ago she posted this recipe for Hoisin Pork of Rice Noodles.

The more I oogled the pictures the more I wanted to make it. I sent the picture to my brother and husband and both thought it looks really good. I thought...why not try to make it this week.

So I also found a recipe for Egg Drop Soup as well while searching on Pinterest (see my previous blog about my problem with Pinterest. Two weeks ago, while I was on mommy vacation, I had lunch at P.F. Chang's and had the egg drop soup and really wanted to try to make it to see if it would be as good as in the restaurant.

Both recipes don't take an incredible amount of time (unless you marinate your pork for more tan 10 minutes like I did).

The egg flower soup turned out like this:

and the Hoisin Pork over rice noodles turned out like this:

(p.s aren't those chopsticks cute?! I got them in my stocking from Santa.)

Timing wise I wasn't as good as serving it all at the same time. I ended up having a first "course" of the soup and a second sit down course of the main dish.  What's nice about the second "course" was that I could get reactions right away.  NO waiting for reviews for these recipes, no siree!

The egg flower soup could have been better if I didn't stir it so fast while adding in the egg, or maybe I over beat my egg (where is the line to cross for lightly beaten eggs). You could certain taste the fresh ginger and the red pepper flakes that I had in the soup.

The Pork and noodles were very good. The sauce that the pork was cooked in was sweet but had quite a few ingredients.  I've never even made rice noodles before and had to look up how to cook them since the package had no directions. It was fairly easy actually and they tasted better than I thought they would.

and now...for the results:

Survey from the Peanut Gallery says: (cue Family Feud sound) DING!

The husband grunted (a very positive sign I have come to realize over the years) and said he could eat both dishes every day. When I asked him what he liked best about them he said "It was delicious."  Sigh...guess I need a bigger taste test audience.

The brother said he liked both dishes as well (less animated as the husband). I don't know if it will be as feeling for him as it might for us but he ate his soup and plate clean. I will say that's a good sign.

So...I'm very pleased with these. I, myself, ate my plate and ran out of room for all my soup. I have made a Bowl for the husbands lunch tomorrow and the last of the soup is going with him as well.

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