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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Pinterest Anonymous

I have a serious problem. If you could see my firefox window right now you'd understand. You see I have so many tabs open for things I have found while surfing through the DIY and Crafts catagory of Pinterest that I am sure it will crash my computer any time...

Does anyone else have this problem. It's especially bad at night when I should have time to look through the tabs to see if there are things I want to pin or mark to make later in life (when does that later happen anyway?) I end up wanting to continue to scroll down the page and look at all the clever, useful, pretty things people create...

Tonight I was actually in the middle of writing a post about my crafting projects I have lined up, started, dream about and here I am abandoning the post to stare at more projects I don't have time to do. So Now I am sure I will go back to my surfing and eventually leave the tabs open to one day finally just "close all tabs" and lose the future projects until I find them while surfing again.

Night folks! More posts coming this week.

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lyssalynn13 said...

I just pin them all so I can go back later and look at them and decide what I want to do when I have a few extra minutes. This has been especially great with meals, baking, and crockpot ideas! I seem to need more free time for other things I've pinned like for the kids or sewing...but that time will come someday!