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Monday, January 7, 2013

Resolving messiness 2013

Here is a snapshot of my kitchen...scary right?
The kitchen usually have stuff all over the counters, dishes stacked in the drainer and in the sink...

Now you have to take one or two things under consideration before you shake your head at me...First, I am the sole female in the house of 4 adults and one toddler. Secondly, I have been the only one who hasn't been sick this past week, and to further compound things my husband has been sick for nearly 5 weeks with various ailments.  So there...I have some excuses reasons for this craziness...

I've always wanted my kitchen to be more organized and ready to bake a moments notice. AND I always find I am shuffling things around to make room to cook or to move things from in front of my microwave to let someone cook something. It is inevitable that the last scenario occurs right when I've moved something from the counter not in this picture to the front of the microwave for room to work when one of the members of my household decides it is the opportune time to heat something in the microwave. Does that happen to anyone else? 

So one of my resolutions this year (aside from blogging more) was to de-clutter and organize in anticipation of moving from this home we've lived in for 3 years.

ENTER: Home Storage Solutions 101 and their de-clutter and organize your house in 52 weeks challenge.

Each day has a 15 minute minimum challenge to work on some cleaning in your house. Each week is an article on the area we currently focusing. Each Month seems to be a different room or area.

For the month of January the room is the Kitchen/pantry. I love this because it hits on the major command center of our home. The Kitchen is home base. I cook, we adults congregate when the limited seating in the nearby living room runs out, my toddler and my babysitting charge eat and play nearby, and did I mention I bake and cook, and cook and bake?  So I decided that yes I could blog about this and show some incredibly embarrassing photos of the mess of our house and hopefully after picture of the de-clutter 2013!  I'm hoping that blogging will also help keep me accountable for continuing on this overhaul of our house hold.  Maybe it will even start you thinking about cleaning around your home!

Here is the link for this weeks challenge article:  Kitchens!

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